About The Right Way Disability

Who we are...

Our aim is to build the capacity of people with disabilities to have the flexibility to choose how they want to live their lives; and to also take full control over how they live their life in any way they want.

Our self-management exercise gives you full flexibility over your budget spending and helps make your budget stretch out more. You or your nominee can self-manage by selecting the select self-management option in your plan; if you are plan or agency managed you can request self-management training while you’re being paired plan or agency managed. If you don't have the confidence yet we can support you to gain confidence even if your plan is already self-managed, we can still give you training and support. We are still waiting on NDIS registration so can only take plan and self-managed clients at present. Contact us for more information and a quote.

Our objectives

Our training will give you the skills and knowledge to;

  • Design your care and support arrangement.
  • Get started with technology.
  • Engage your own support which can include direct employee staff.
  • Manage your NDIS plan and budget.
  • Learning how to use the portal.
  • Managing staff.
  • Engaging staff through service providers by speaking to the provider manager and telling them the support you need. (After which the provider will then send you resumes of their workers they think would be suitable for you. After going through the resumes, you'll be able to pick and interview the staff you believe has the right skills to fit your needs and wants).

For questions and enquiries or to talk with a service representative

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